Hello! I'm a French-American artist, designer, and software engineer, and a graduate of Northeastern University, where I studied computer science, interactive media, and philosophy. I've also taken courses in political science and philosophy at Sciences Po in Paris.

I currently work as a contractor for metaLAB (at) Harvard, where I am developing art installations regarding AI ethics, and the MIT Media Lab, where I am developing a design tool for connecting concepts and provoking new ideas. Previously I also designed an AI-based interface for computing the emotional content of sentences, and detecting sarcasm.

Knowing several systems—web technologies, design systems, cultures—from the inside and the outside, allows me to reveal them, make them legible.

Most critically, I hope to recover an underlying physicality in technology that can be diminished in virtual interactions. The smartphone, which my generation checks 150 times daily, has replaced many processes that formerly involved physical interactions (postman, teller, etc.). In this environment, the dominant paradigm represents human experience and people as metrics, and it is easier to harm when others are just numbers. My goal is to create art that uses the medium of technology to remind us of our own physicality while revealing how technology structures our behavior.

I'm seeking new collaborations. If you're interested in building creative and critical technologies (or want to learn the right way to cut cheese), reach me at maxdavidlever[at]gmail.com.