At Artmatr, we're building custom robotics systems for printing and painting, integrating oil painting, digital image editing, and inkjet printing, along with other toolsets. As lead software engineer, my role is to build the full software stack and design the overall architecture.

Gantry painting system using USB serial and radio emitters / receivers (Adafruit Feather 32u4) which connect to hacked drills (Dewalt 20V) which run up and down 2x4s to move the main tool (airbrush). Controlled via a Processing / Java app, along with custom C++ firmware on the drills.

Custom printing hardware (pump to regulate pressure and ink levels, ink reservoirs, inkjet hardware and motherboard, x-carve gantry system) controlled via a React Electron app via local wifi.

Sang-won Leigh running our workshop at MIT.

A typical print process involves a lot of interaction with both the software and the hardware, and painting collaboratively with the printer. Front-end UI built in React and Redux. Back-end printing server in C#, and motion controller code in C, on Arduino Uno.